Your invitation to participate…


Dear Friends,

This is an invitation to participate in a Social Change Network for Women on Purpose; Unite Your Light WOMEN 

I am inviting women from all walks of life to be conscious contributors and collaborators, as we move through today’s rapidly changing world. We can be the generation that fulfills the dream of a harmonious and peaceful world.

To make that dream a reality, it will take ALL of us coming together in different ways, to learn and teach the benefits of UNITY.

The experience of coming together for the greater good, creates an environment that invites conscious evolution.

That’s why I am so excited to share this initiative with you, which I see as a powerhouse of visionary thinkers and collaborators, who have sound ideas and specific expertise to aid in creating a positive shift. This is an invitation for you to experience and live the true power of an “activated community” that genuinely wants to contribute to creating a better world. 

This united initiative marks a time of crossing to a new way of thinking and being; Unite Your Light WOMEN’s purpose is to create a powerful resonance through cordial collaboration and authentic social change. These united projects will consist of innovative ideas and purpose-driven influencers who want to help people deepen their personal awareness of unity, build bridges between the old and new and teach future generations to live creative and compassionate lives.

My intention is to grow a large community of women who have a strong sense of purpose. And to consciously grow a quality resonance that supports them as a social change network.

Here’s an example of some outcomes we could achieve together. 

  • Personal practices for cultivating inner peace, for the purpose of world peace.
  • Encourage women to fully own and demonstrate their natural leadership.
  • Steps toward creating true unity in the family and in communities.
  • New ways to incorporate cooperation and collaboration in business.
  • Insights on healing our collective wounds and cultural differences.
  • Ideas for generating unity and leadership among our youth.
  • A new perspective on currency and creativity.
  • Giving children a voice about what matters to them; Our planet, animals and how we all belong.

Kind regards Elizabeth Ellames

Please leave a message in the section below with your details if you would like to be a part of this community. 


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