Are you living your PURPOSE?

It’s time to heed the call!!

Hi there, I am Elizabeth Ellames and I created a tool for you, called the Living Attributes Typology and by simply using this tool in your everyday life, you can become super clear on your unique archetype patterning and how you can change or enhance all areas of your life… Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually and find your Life Purpose.

If you come along to my next retreat, you will identify your primary archetypes (personality types), along with their attributes and how they connect and interact with the world. In business, it can be used to gain insights into workplace dynamics, while on a personal level Living Attributes is a wonderful and highly regarded tool for developing self-awareness and providing the opportunity for people to reach their potential.

If you are looking to unlock your own potential, Living Attributes will reveal where you are expending energy, and how to stay on purpose; by being more focused, more productive, more proactive and responsive in your personal relationships and in your career.

It helps you stay on track, on purpose and reminds you that you don’t have to worry about what others are doing or saying. You only have to stay true to your mission in life. In a world full of distractions this is a simple yet powerful tool that keeps you focused on what matters most of all… “Your Life Purpose.”

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Elizabeth Ellames, the creator of the Living Attributes Typology has an exceptional understanding of people and their behavior. Her Living Attributes Typology is a leading edge tool, grounded in storytelling wisdom that enhances human potential. It takes people from the transition phase to transformation and onto self-empowerment.

Elizabeth’s role as your facilitator is to awaken you to Living Your Larger Story, through identifying your values and personal brand – She has an extensive skill base crossing; Story-Based Branding, Social Synergy, and Personal Development.

Learn how your particular archetypes govern your inner world and bring powerful energies into your life that shape your destiny.

Supporting and empowering women on a 5-day retreat who have a deep desire to inspire, influence and create impact in the world.


Tel: 040 330 9696

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