Glamour Magic; enhancing your personal power.

Glamour Magic is an ancient purifying, sanctifying and beautifying ritual practiced on yourself or with other women. Glamour magic was used to activate and magnify desired Light Attributes or a combination of light attributes.

The reason why glamour magic is the perfect alternative to the usual casting of spells is that you’re not intruding on another’s free will, nobody has permission to impose or direct energetic influences toward another.

And that’s why I love, love, love this practice and have had the privilege of working with women at this level for over 30 years. In the case of Glamour Magic, you are simply making yourself more “attractive” because of what you are activating and creating from within, which eventually materializes on the outer.

It’s not simply an affirmation; but rather an active compilation of reflection and application that results in Authentic Glamour. Moreover, it is a co-creation of heartfelt purifying, sanctifying and beautifying rituals, which requires each individual present, to be a willing and sacred witness. If you wish to be “attractive”, which simply means the ability to attract – say “I am attractive” then be willing to attract that which your divine spirit has ‘glamorized.’

Why do we part take in such activities?

Well, the truth is we are already unconsciously taking part in the practice of glamour rituals in our daily lives; washing, having our hair done, wearing makeup, adorning ourselves with jewelry etc. We still do it to enhance our “attractiveness” but with out any real depth of knowledge where these practices come from. Authentic “Glamour” practices, in their true essence, can improve our lives, because on one level they make us feel better and hence more comfortable in our encounters with others.

However,  we can shift our current focus of Glamour being a superficial, relentless and empty ritual and simply move our focus to seeing it as a purifying, sanctifying and beautifying ritual that was originally designed to refine one’s nature and character, for the purpose of genuine “attraction” in our life, on all levels; people, prosperity and pleasure.

That sounds like more fun and a much better deal than our current concept of Glamour.

Grow Your Goddess Glamour…  Blessings Abound, Elizabeth

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  1. I’ve experienced these ceremonies to be very graceful – thank you for facilitating them so competently and beautifully Elizabeth.

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