What is LOVE?

So often we confuse the word Love with only being in a romantic relationship. 

We could, however, view everything we connect with as being in a loving relationship. The nature of our relationships can vary depending on how much we value them. Even the level of LOVE we express for our career and our purpose powers our creativity.  

What if the true meaning and vibration of Love is the energy that surrounds our planet and is actually the power that ignites creation. We all know that it’s our heart to heart connection that creates unity between us. But what if LOVE is a higher co-creative force, while pro-creation is perhaps a conscious or unconscious act of reproduction. 

We are what we share and what we LOVE… And we have access to this powerful source of energy at all times, yet we can be fearful of it. The frequency of love crosses every area of human existence. We either love or hate our family, our friends, our work, our home, our business, our lifestyle, our country, our environment and our planet. We do seem to express what we love and hate frequently.

But what if it’s LOVE that sustains our planet, the universe and us?

Perhaps GOD is simply LOVE and that’s why we’re hardwired to create heartfelt connections with each other, perhaps it’s in our ability to create high-quality coherence, which actually creates more LOVE. What if we are either in LOVE, which equals LIFE/LIGHT or we are in FEAR, which equals DEATH/DARKNESS. We are often very fearful of being in LOVE or losing LOVE. 

Perhaps it’s not Love we are fearful of, but rather it is our fear of its power to create LIFE and more LOVE. For some, it is easier to exist without love, light, or a larger other; whatever we want to call it, than fully connecting and committing to a frequency that just may be sustaining the entire universe. What if you adopted a new mantra, which is ‘I Love, Love First’. 

My message around being successful in LOVE is more about a set of values and attributes that make one FEEL LOVED and let’s face it if you don’t feel LOVED nothing really seems to work, no matter what anyone tells you. We all need to be supported in our social and spiritual development, so we feel like you’re a successful and loveable human being…

Is it time to discover your specific set of values and attributes that drive your personal experience of LOVE?

Perhaps you need to ponder…

How do you influence others and present yourself in the world?

What motivates you and how do you operate in relationships?

What does the concept of ‘essence’ mean to you and how do you express your creativity?

Can you truly identify with your heartfelt desires, intentions and life purpose?

The purpose of discovering your formula of ‘ONE PERFECT LOVE’ is to help you navigate your life with more clarity, discernment and more LOVE.


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