WOMEN empowering WOMEN

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Definition of OMEN – something that is believed to be a sign or warning of something that will happen in the future.

1. A phenomenon or occurrence regarded as a sign of future happiness or disaster.
2. Prophetic significance.

Interesting indeed – I believe the period of history we are in right now is the third phase of the feminist movement. And even more interesting, now more than ever before we as women are being called to activate our life’s true purpose.

We are being asked from deep within our soul’s patterning to rise up from the past and take heed to a call of action, which is infused with an intense need to make a difference. W-OMEN have been the sustainers of life throughout time. They have been the mothers and nurturers of life.

That has now shifted from the stereotype of maternal/caregiver of the past to a more active role in our society. Fighting for our equality has aided in our progress, but it is now time to really use that equality to stand strong in what we do best, which is to ‘sustain life’. We are encoded with this tremendous gift not only to sustain life but to also co-create life.

We are the positive, powerful and passionate OMEN that has arrived, a sign to say the it is time to unite our light and create a brighter future for the generations to come.

W-OMEN are standing up, leaning in, giving voice to and demonstrating a new style of leadership that will in time birth a new humanity.

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