Take A Chance, Choose Change Campaign

We long for connection with all that is curious and creative.

Humans are creatures who belong to each other for reasons beyond analysis and it is our hearts desire and our life’s dream to fulfil a worthy story. We ache with a need to create or sadly the other is we become numb then indifferent.

Take a chance, choose change is a simple but powerful message encouraging people to take a chance and choose what they stand for… In doing so this promotes change toward those choices. When we choose our own influences and intentions with clarity it becomes contagious.

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TAKE A CHANCE, CHOOSE CHANGE is a campaign inviting citizens of the world to connect their values, stand by them and stand by each other.

In a low touch, high tech world we can get distracted and lose sight of what it is we really care about. This campaign is a step toward creating true unity. Take a chance and choose your word for change, allow that word to be your driving force and let’s see the people become the influence and change we need to heal the world.

We need a firm mantra that will connect us and create the change that is urgently needed in our world today. A mantra so strong and so wide that it shifts the weight of overwhelm, indifference and inertia.

Take a chance… CHOOSE your mantra for CHANGE now… Be the CHANGE.

I choose TRUST

I choose COURAGE


I choose FREEDOM


I choose CLARITY


I choose LOVE

I choose BALANCE

I choose UNITY

I choose FOCUS

Unknown Visit the wonderful CAUSES website to take the PLEDGE and SHARE a video or message about what it means to choose any of the human qualities listed above –


Living Attributes  Elizabeth Ellames Campaign Leader

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