Creating and Receiving Desire

Hi there all,

I wish to say, that it’s imperative that we bring forth our soul’s greatest desires. Our life is a gift not to be squandered, if we only pick one true heart felt desire to achieve in our outer world and only one heart felt desire to achieve in our inner world we can aid in the betterment of the whole world, in fact, if it changes us individually for the better it most defiantly will change the world because after all we are all connected by the Divine Web of Creation.

 You might ask, “Why is this important?” It is because desire is the spark that ignites the flame of your soul and illuminates your innate creativity, imagination and vision. Through your pure, heart felt intention you will summon one of the most powerful agents of change in the universe—Desire.

 So imagine if we really got cooking and accessed all our creativity and heart felt desires – perhaps we really could create heaven on earth.

 In its purest form, your soul’s desire is a magnet pulling you toward the life you want to live. Your desires will source you with the inspiration to release your outdated beliefs and let go of whatever behavior is keeping you stuck in the past.

 Your soul’s desires compel you to grow, evolve and move closer to your highest potential. Beneath the surface of your ego’s insatiable cravings, your authentic desires are waiting patiently for you to recognize, declare and communicate them.

 My passion and quest is this – I am committed to raising the level of self-esteem in women, young children and young women – I see a need to ignite their hidden desires and to help them to step aboard the creative flow of the universe. Joyously lifting them up from a mundane material world to a place of purpose and expression.

I feel that many young people may have lost the ability to be creative – they have been born into a time where life has been presented to them by means of “what’s in it for me?” and sadly when one comes from a place of constantly taking they lose sight of what’s real and have no vision in life or more seriously they don’t develop the ability to give of themselves creatively.

 Of course it is not only our youth, we also have been spoon feed information now for a couple of decades and have forgotten what it is like to explore and play in the realm of our imagination, in some ways we have forgotten how to really think, play and feel.  Finding ones self is more than a little personal development, it is a journey into the extraordinary fabric of the unseen worlds and the ability to bring back the treasures you found there.

 It’s the ability to bring them back to our world and develop them for the greater good of all.

That is what a true Artisan, Visionary or Leader is – they are not afraid to be different, they don’t ask what’s in it for me, they are jubilant and thrilled to live their life with passion and conviction. They know how great it feels to be in flow with all that is and to use the time that they have been given wisely and to the best of their ability.

 I am not saying that the information age and globalization has been entirely bad but sometimes when there is so much to choose from we choose nothing or just take what we are told we need.

I believe this is the birth of the Humanitarian Age and I am so glad to be here to celebrate it!

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Elizabeth Ellames  

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