A Moment of Uncertainty

Reflecting on what was and what is…

I feel like the virus moment erased a version of myself that I didn’t actually value, I just thought I did. – That has brought my attention to a new me. One that is no longer “driven” or even feels the need to find my place in the world. 

And by the way this was all news to me at the time – I thought I was in shock and at some point I would be back to my old self again. 

Clearly my motivation had shifted to nearly none existent and I felt a new sense of peace and purpose, a space within me that my spirit was truly grateful for. I had recalibrated and arrived at my new destination, except I hadn’t gone any where. 

Months on many of us were stating that the uncertainty was coursing a lack of motivation. Well, I would suggest it isn’t due to the uncertainty, but rather an unexplained and unexpected awakening that was reminding us of the uncertainty we had all been living with for years, and perhaps in denial of.

I believe our need to stay in a perpetual state of feeling driven to succeed was all part of the grand illusion we had somehow morphed into. An illusion that suggested that if we just keep going, wanting more and being seen to be a success, our fear of uncertainty would disappear. 

Truth is, uncertainty was always there. Thankfully when the illusion dropped away we were left with the real certainty of who we are and what we truly value. 

Many of us started looking at the valuable resources we already have. – We had time to breathe and experience what was in our life that we’d lost our genuine connection with, and decided to re-establish those connections. This moment in time was in many ways a reminder that codependency is not a healthy way to live ones life and that we had become part of the destructive codependent triangle. We had bought a lie where we were either the victim, the rescuer or the perpetrator and didn’t know who we were outside of that narrative.

Did we really think that being in a state of constant “ready set go” would create success in such an uncertain world. 

My new truth lives in the exquisite nature of our true humanity and the faith in our beautiful planet Earth, I know deep within my being that we are resourceful, resilient and reliable… for that is how we are designed, and how our Earthly Mother is designed. I welcomed my new boon that appeared as a vision of a beautiful Faberge Egg that when opened revealed my pearl of wisdom and my purpose for being here, which was to…

“Master my talents, create my art, always give generously and never give up on my loved ones or myself” 

This gift was indeed my Soul talking directly to me and taking care of my destiny. Simple, yet true – this was now my “new certainty”, my only certainty. 

Staying connected to my Soul is my compass for success and my archetypal codes are my most favourite road to travel.

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound

Elizabeth Ellames

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