Crossing Through A Threshold

What is a Threshold?

The definition of a Threshold is a strip of wood or stone forming the bottom of a doorway which one crosses when entering a building, house or room. A Threshold is also defined as the magnitude or intensity that must be surpassed for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur to manifest.

Our current global crisis is presenting us with many levels of discomfort and confusion. These deep feelings of despair start in our physical reality and very quickly move to our emotional reality. – And if we are not quick enough or conscious enough to recognise our current state of mind we soon slip into a repeating loop of inner dialogue and behaviour, which creates a whirlpool of physical and emotional conflict and chaos in our life.

Clearly we are “all” experiencing this crisis, and with so much control being placed upon us, our personal sensitivities and inner demons are triggered and must be over come, but we do have control over our thinking and our personal space – This is also when we can change our mindset and build a profound human resilience because of our collective circumstances .

—When a system becomes unstable, that is the time to reorder, this is how nature evolves. – We are part of that nature.

As we move through this extraordinary point in time I suggest we see it as a major threshold in our collective evolution – Sure, it can be a challenging experience moving through such a monumental threshold, and yes it is very difficult. However, our level of consciousness and heart space will determine the intensity of our experience.

Why we must move up into other realities…

A Threshold is an area or intensity that forms at the entry point of a doorway when one needs to cross into another place or reality. Everything I talk about in the Living Attributes Typology is in effect an on going series of “correct and transform” processes, and thresholds are indeed a key distinction in the success of these processes.

The overcoming of ones Thresholds is a very important part of our human experience. Thresholds act as a reliable and relatable measure on our journey of empowerment, and enlightenment, they repeatedly confirm our level of commitment and endurance.

Create a New Focus

(The random dots spotted through out the physical and emotional realites symbolize the intense feelings, thoughts and energy that can build up and create despair and conflict in your life. While the arrows are a reminder of shifting your focus to one beyond the threshold. )

5 Steps toward crossing a threshold and reaching your Higher Purpose Reality

  • Admit that at times, you feel powerless over your limiting core beliefs… and that your life is uncomfortable or unreal because of it.
  • Believe that a power greater than yourself can help restore you to your full potential and help you move through this threshold.
  • Make a conscious decision to turn your fear over to the Creator, your God or Great Spirit – what ever you feel to be a greater power.
  • Make a deep and brave reflective account of your life and yourself.
  • Humbly surrender your life to your true source, the Creator, Great Spirit or God knowing that you can RELEASE and HEAL your fears.

There will be tears – there always is when you surrender at this level, which become your true prayer of the heart. – When you feel you have crossed over a threshold and you’ve just step through the new doorway, so to speak, this prayer will help to anchor your actions, settle your energy and calm down your nervous system, ready for your new level and new experiences.

Crossing A Threshold Prayer

My faith over reason has brought me to my new destiny, I am grateful and hope filled that I will be happy and of value in this new reality

My faith grows in the present from my past success, and brings strength to my future success – I am now with my Creator and I am Loved.

And So It Is

Heart to Heart Elizabeth

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