YOuR BEsT PiTCH EvER – workshop

Learning to create and deliver a great pitch is essential for any project, business or movement.

Over the years I discovered that most people, (when pitching) struggle with – What to say and when to say it!

So, this got me thinking… “What if I designed an easy step by step process that gave people more clarity and less stress when pitching their idea or project. And that’s when I created YOuR BEsT PiTCH EvER  – Workshop

Do you want to Create and Deliver YOuR BEsT PiTCH EvER?

What this workshop offers –

  • It provides you with a simple tool that’s easy to remember and follow
  • It helps you gain authentic confidence around sharing your ideas and brand
  • It gives you the clarity to deliver your idea in a relaxed and coherent manner

Why I created this workshop for you –

  • I know you’ve worked very hard at bringing your ideas, project or business together.
  • I also know that you really love what you do and want to add value to people’s lives where ever possible by sharing your ideas, business or message.

So, if you would like to come along and learn how to create and deliver your best pitch ever, simply email me today to book in.

Cost – $150.00

Duration – 9:00am – 5:00pm

Participants – 8 – 10 people per workshop

What people are saying about this new style of pitching…

Thank you to Elizabeth Ellames for this outline of how to introduce yourself as a mini-pitch. This outline is particularly relevant, as it tends not to have the self-promotional element that many elevator pitches contain because this outline focuses more on the idea or cause than on yourself. – Professor Eddie Blass | Founder and CEO at Inventorium Pty. Ltd.