Light Styling

Light Styling is more than a healing modality or personal development process; it’s essentially an invitation and activation into Divine Light Awareness. It opens blocked pathways to allow the free flow of energies, which may have been trapped due to the denial of one’s true spiritual nature. As you open to this free flow of light you release cellular memories that you have been holding in a subtle or intense distress frequency. In this process, you may experience specific memories or feelings, that I term, Frequency Flashbacks.

This is for the purpose of viewing these memories or feelings from a renewed and light-filled perspective. From there, you can see that your judgment of these memories was coming from a distorted reality. By looking at these experiences in a new light you can let them go easily and when this happens profound healing occurs at the causal level.

Things you might experience with this practice are deep relaxation, a sense of total peace within the body, a”lightness” as if all the weight of the world has been lifted from you, a balancing of the male and female sides of the body, more focus, highly motivated, more concentration and vivid dreams. Light Styling connects you to a grid of energy (light) that is infinite in nature. It’s your perfect blueprint, which is different from the disengaged and distorted grid that is often present in lower levels of consciousness. Through the process of styling your Light Body, your human body is realigned, reconnected and reactivated.


Light Styling is a concentrated energy or light technique that works at a much higher level.

Every living organism has its own “Light” stream and you also have light streams that control the renewing functions of your body. These streams connect with the grid or unified field, which is everywhere in the Universe. When you extend these points of your body and connect them to the unified field, you then align your body to the connecting lines of the living universe.

Each step of this process aligns and builds the appropriate energy for your body vertically and horizontally – and my role as your Light Styler is to bring this energy together and form a Sacred Temple for your physical body. From there you are given the gift of Divine Light lifting your energy up into a higher frequency, where you connect with your Radiant Self.

This Divine Light from your Radiant Self travels through your physical body, which then reconnects you with the Divine Light of Mother Earth – Affording you more Light in your Body and your Life.   

Thank you for taking the time to read my description of how Lighting Styling works. – Elizabeth Ellames

Elizabeth Ellames creator of the Living Attributes Typology

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