This WORKSHOP is a step by step GUIDE to owning your STORY and understanding your ARCHETYPES

What stops you from finding your purpose in life and committing to it? 

I can confidently say, “It’s your personal FEARS and constant DISTRACTIONS that are stealing your passion and purpose in life.”

Yes, it’s that simple! We sell our purpose to our fears in exchange for what feels comfortable. And we’re seduced by a mountain of distractions to justify why we can’t commit to our true purpose in life. 

Most people convince themselves they don’t have enough time. They’ll often say, “I’m too busy to focus on what my true purpose is, and I can’t fit anymore into my life anyway.”

But thats not the real truth!

As a life purpose mentor I’ve witnessed that avoiding your passion and purpose is not because you don’t have enough time. ~ It’s because you have a Fear of Failure or Fear of Success 

Here are some of the drivers that fuel your Fear

  • Fear of being fully seen and heard
  • Fear of what your family and friends will think of you 
  • Fear of standing in your truth and owning your story
  • Fear of not being smart enough or good enough 

I believe there’s a reason why you have a deep desire in your heart and I don’t want fear (or anything else) to stop you from living your true purpose in life. 

If you’ve ever contemplated an idea or felt passionate about something, I have the perfect opportunity for you. 

Join me for a one day workshop where I’ll help you transform your fear into passion, by simply identifying your four inner archetypes that drive your life’s purpose! 

I’ve helped many women find their true passion and purpose – and I’m excited to help YOU on your path to making your dreams, your purpose and your passion come true.

You already have the power within — you just need to free it. 

  1. You have the passion
  2. You have the time 
  3. You have the desire 
  4. You have the talent 
  5. You have the wisdom 

You just need some courage and heartfelt guidance to get started. ~ Let me help you get there.

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