THREE Conversations you need to have with your HIGHER SELF

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Your path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral… you’re invited to revisit things in your life that you thought you understood to gain deeper truths about yourself and life.

This guide will take you to a more advanced connection with your HIGHER SELF

People listen to a few podcasts and think they have it all covered. They watch a couple of videos and are now experts in the field. Or perhaps they’ve been to a spiritual retreat, and now they’ve got it. – And yes, that is the nature of a “Spiritual Awakening”. It feels expansive and powerful. – And everywhere you turn, there are signs and synchronicities.

Of which there most definitely are – but it is just one of many expansion and contraction experiences you will go through on your Awakened Path.

The true initiate knows they must endure many thresholds in their lifetime, which means they must regularly commune with their Higher Self, which is why I created this guide for you – ELIZABETH ELLAMES