You Are The Living Hope Of Your Ancestors…

It’s Time To Come Forth And Shine!

Participating in this safe and supportive retreat (circle) will help you find your authentic voice, clarify your values and strengthen your identity at a much deeper level.

Giving voice to what you value is not always easy and that could be due to a few different reasons –

  • Perhaps you feel unsupported by your friends or family
  • You might not feel safe enough to share your values
  • Perhaps you’re not clear on what you want to share in your life and how you can make a difference.

This is the experience for many women, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

The Power Of Being A Woman – Circle Retreat is facilitated by Elizabeth Ellames.

Elizabeth is a generous and knowledgable elder with many years of experience – She has an innate gift of working with women of all ages in the area of personal empowerment.

Over the years Elizabeth discovered that it’s in the interaction and connections within a community that women begin to see how their particular gifts can be of real value in their own life and their world around them.

Elizabeth invites women into the age-old ceremony of creating a SACRED CIRCLE that the women form, enter, and share, which activates the magical forces of Empowerment and Transformation, taking the women to a whole new level of identity and purpose.


The Power Of Being A Woman – Circle Retreat supports and encourages you to give your self permission to shine and helps you to show up in life by opening your pathway to true empowerment.

The Benefits Of Attending This Circle Retreat

  • Find your authentic voice
  • Know your true values 
  • Live your life with vitality
  • Create change in your life for good
  • Engagement and Nourishment 
  • Build a Stronger Community  
  • Encourage Collaboration and Support 

Your path isn’t a straight line; its a spiral, and your life is a CIRCLE – You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see DEEPER TRUTHS

If these concepts resonate with you please contact me – because I am genuinely interested in supporting women who are truly ready to create the necessary shift toward a new and more empowered reality for women.

Elizabeth Ellames – Tel: 040 330 9696