Hi and welcome, my name is Elizabeth Ellames.

I’m the founder and creative director of the Living Attributes Typology and REAL DEAL Productions Australia, and Chairperson of NOW Leadership Academy In. – These businesses are committed to empowering people through personal development and social enterprise. 

I am going to  share some of my story that helped transform my own vocation and my life from a ‘me reality’ to a ‘we reality’.

In the first years of my personal development business I worked really hard to build a community of amazing clients. I was running seminars, networking events and face-to-face sessions to generate income, as well as building my profile and credibility. I was very focused on becoming an “expert” on personal development for women. I had a great profile and a strong community of supporters – truth was though, I still didn’t feel like my spirit, my passion and my true purpose had really hit home base yet.

I was certainly committed to my vocation, but I just wasn’t getting my message out to enough women, I was stuck and couldn’t afford the help I needed to move my business forward. 
 I thought, “I have the tools, because after all – I created them”. Suddenly I began to get very clear distinctions around the purpose of story and became a custodian of Story; I believed it to be sacred and transforming. I also knew we were all part of the human story that began with the evolution of human consciousness, which built earth’s collective consciousness (the thinking layer of earth).

I started thinking about how men and women began to share their stories and their art around campfires and on the walls of their caves, and how we grew our ability to relate to each other. Some how we knew back then that it was important to tell of our experiences, how we hunted, how we traveled, how we lived and how we dreamt of the future. Story had become a quintessential part of our human experience, the ability to tell story is indeed our rudimentary foundation. As a Change Agent who assists people to identify and align with their story and life purpose, I knew that the personal and cultural stories that we collectively call the human experience were extremely powerful, and that we can’t really understand the complexity of our human experience without story.

I discovered that Storytelling is in fact the origins of humankind’s Social and Spiritual Development. Simply put, with out story we don’t know what we believe in, but with story we can define our heritage, find meaning in what matters to us and learn what is good and bad. I saw that Story can be fact or fiction and still have the same effect, if we can relate to the characters or images in a story we can be moved by its message. Story doesn’t always have to deliver a profound message; it can simply be delightful, humorous or even practical. I saw that story has three parts; it has a past, a present and a future.

The amazing discovery for me about story was, we are the story and there is no story without us. Because without us, coupled with the brilliance of imagination there is no story to tell. Everything we see, hear, taste, touch and think about has a story attached to it. Every story has its contributing value, it may be good, it may be bad or it may be neutral, what ever it is, its still contributing to our collective consciousness. So, I then asked, “What is my story”? What is my back-story, what is my present story and does my future story line up? Perhaps I had taken on a story that didn’t match the one I want to share with the world. There was only one time to start living a larger story and it was NOW! I started creating the story that I want to contribute to humanity.

I became the story I wanted to hear and be, the story that new and exciting generations are built from… I knew it was the clarity of my story that created my value… And I knew that demonstrating the universal message of my story, would strengthen my personal brand and add value to people’s lives when I shared it. What happened next was that my work shifted from the usual personal transformation to transforming while in community, as a community.

I was now choosing to do the work along side the women; I kept submerging myself in my own teachings and applying what I now termed “The Process of STORY”.


Here is my discovery and a brief synopsis of my story –


I am The Change Agent who is an observer, transformer and a calculated risk taker:

My Avatar story is one of victory over conflict and that creativity conquers anxiety… I claimed my values; Beauty, Truth, and Hope. And with jubilation I became the messenger of True Prosperity for all. In the process I also changed the title of what I do from ‘personal and professional branding’ to ‘personal and progressional branding’.

I learnt to be successful in life, I needed to identify how I could add value to the world, which required being creative and progressive. Because it’s been my experience that people who want to live a larger story place more value on being a “Creative Progressive” rather than a “Qualified Professional”.

So, as a dedicated Creative and Change Agent… I am delighted to share with you my formula on personal and progressional branding.


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