We all know that being fully present in our life is when true connections happen… Connection to our ourselves, to others and to what really matters in life.

We can remember other times though, when we haven’t been fully present in our life, which often resulted in feeling overwhelmed or disappointed.


I know for my self when I am NOT fully present and living in the moment my life seems unorganised and more stressful. As a consultant and program facilitator I know first hand how important it is to stay fully present with my clients and with my audience. People can sense when they’re not being heard or when they are being judged.


Being the real deal with people is fast becoming one of our most valuable assets. It is a proven fact that people young and old need to be in emotionally connected relationships.

Yes, I said it… we still need “High touch in a High tech world”. Our natural instincts tell us we thrive on the experience of being experienced, it is the way we grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually…. and studies show we actually love being experienced while being in community, because apparently that is what matters to human beings most of all… we are in fact hard wired to maintain connection with each other.


At REAL DEAL seminars we design effective and practical programs demonstrating the what, why and how of staying present with people…

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The Art of Adding Value  TWO-DAY seminar

What will you experience?

  • Two days of What, Why and How to communicate with clarity, transparency and vitality.
  • Tools on how to communicate your personal story and authentically connect with people.
  • You will learn a simple but valuable technique that will build true confidence when speaking in public.

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Remember the old saying “The Power Is In The Present” well it is and apparently even more valuable than ever before.

Look forward to seeing you in the present moment!

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