How my books and services can help you

Let’s start here… you know when your work or your life doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, and you have a kind of emotional feeling in your stomach or heart that’s calling you to do something different.

That’s where my books and services come in, they help you to identify what that something different is and why it’s surfaced. – In my books I share how to bring your inner archetypes to life.

My Story My Soul | A step by step guide to owning your story and understanding your archetypes and I also provide sessions that activate your personal and spiritual potential.

  • As an Archetype Activator I can guide you through your transformation process.
  • Helping you to genuinely value your presence, your message and gain more clarity, direction and connection to your purpose.
  • My books and sessions support you and encourage you in owning your story and your purpose in life.

Consultation with Elizabeth

FIRST SESSION – This session is for women who are new to my typology and want to know more about identifying their story and their purpose.

1hr 30min In-person session – Plus a copy of my book My Story My Soul

Total Cost: $190.00  ($145.00 if you have just purchased the book, and would like a session)

REPEAT SESSIONS ~These sessions are for women who have already read my book and would like consultation with me, around the deeper themes connected to their purpose and vocation in life.

IN PERSON SESSION ~ 1 hr 30min ~ Cost: $170.00

ONLINE SESSION ~ 1hr 30 min (ZOOM) ~ Cost: $130.00

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