S H E | Circles

Do you know what your higher purpose is, or perhaps you’re feeling a deeper calling, stirring from within?

If your answer is “YES, that’s me!”

SHE Circles could be exactly what you need to make your calling a reality. The S H E stands for Spiritually Healthy Entrepreneurs, and I created theses circles to support and unite women who want to contribute their talents and their light, as we move through these very powerful times. –

  • Connect with other women and experience how and why it’s so important to find your true power, especially today.
  • Learn how to stay focused and activated by having a Spiritually Healthy Heart, and Mind and a Community of Women you can Connect with and Trust.


Social Synergy is natural to humans, in the same way nature forms whole systems, we are designed to co-create.

Everything, everybody is connected; we are symbiotic, just like our living body and our living planet.

Heres how it works

When humans come together for a purpose, we create a powerful Energy Membrane, which intensifies our love, and our spirituality, causing a quantum jump in consciousness and capacities. It activates a synergistic shift from Me to You to We, which creates Unity in our larger planetary system.

Our role is “literally” to be collaborators, connectors, conduits and contributors, and Unite the Light between us.