Spiritually Healthy Entrepreneurs

S H E | TALKS provide a supportive Living Attributes Community for women who have read my books, attended my seminars or been through a coaching program.

S H E | TALKS are for women who have identified their particular Living Attributes archetypes, and want to deepen their understanding.

S H E | TALKS are nurturing and informative; they unite women, and support you on your personal journey of Purpose and Empowerment.

Raise your Resonance, Expand your Consciousness, and Nourish your Spirit

  • Come and learn more about your “archetype codes” and how you can benefit from understanding what, why and how they can add value to your life.

PRICE $20.00

maximum of 12 women

Our role is “literally” to be collaborators, connectors, conduits and contributors, and Unite the Light between us.

Social and Spiritual Synergy is natural to humans, in the same way nature forms whole systems, we are designed to co-create.

PRICE $20.00 per person

maximum of 12 women