Release Reclaim and Restore | Workshop

Have you ever felt a need to know why you are here? 

Or perhaps you thought you knew, but it doesn’t feel right anymore?

Would you like to experience the timeless wisdom and power of your Archetypal Forces?

This is an invitation to join me, The Archetype Activator on a journey of Release, Reclaim and Restore.

I explain how the activating of your personal Archetypal Codes opens you to the Divine Forces of Empowerment. And when you learn how to draw from these powerful forces, you enter expansive realms of Inspiration and Imagination.

These natural forces are activated through you from the life-giving energy of The Sun. These forces assist in the correction and transformation of habitual doubt and negativity, ultimately sharpening your focus and intuition.

YES! that’s right, you have access to forces that allow you to consciously tap into the light of creation in you and around you, moving you purposefully into your future.

We can all learn how to connect to our unique life force, the forces of nature and the celestial forces that help us to live a larger story. These hidden powers can help you enhance your experiences and move you toward making important shifts in your perception.

Perhaps it’s time to heal your body, your spirit and your mind, and learn to relax your resistance.

At my retreat style workshop I also share an ancient Beautifying and Sanctifying Ceremony, which is the art of making an offering or creating something for the Divine Presence, the Living Goddess, and how this practice allows the sacred to birth through you.

You will discover:

  • How your Archetypal Codes are portals, which bring forth powerful insights for healing, activation and transformation.
  • Experience the 4 realms that help you co-create your life
  • How to work with your aligned archetypal forces and understand the signs and symbols from the unseen world.
  • Discover what a Beautifying and Sanctifying Ceremony is and how to use it as a potent means for honouring and opening to the sacred and sharing your passions with the world.
  • And you will activate the healing energy of the sun within your heart and release, reclaim and restore your energy, which opens your doorway to living your larger story.

This is a ONE evening and ONE day workshop

Saturday Evening

CONNECTION DINNER – 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Sunday Full Day

WORKSHOP – 9.30am – 6.30pm

Cost $ 450.00 per person