Success is an exciting concept, one that’s defined by different things for each person.

The dictionary definition of success means, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”, which I think is a pretty good fit for most people.

However, it doesn’t say how to reach your success. I believe the pathway to your success is through the activation of your archetypes.

When you start to acknowledge and respect the presence of these valuable energy patterns they support you and help you to show up and step up in your life. They literally help you to align with your purpose and help you achieve the success you desire.

Your archetypes help you to live the attributes that drive your destiny.

Come and connect with other women, unite your light and shape your destiny – by understanding the importance and power of your inner and outer archetypes.

These gatherings also form a container of love and gratitude with other women, where you can back yourself and step up to owning your life.

Purpose Pods also help you stay accountable to your desires and destiny, instead of your fate.

Sometimes, you feel like blaming others connected to a problem in your life or the world. – However, maybe it’s time to shift your mindset from what’s not working and turn your focus on how to correct and transform these problems.

What if you can create a way to shine a new Light on your personal life and the world?

Did you know that how you think and feel directly affects your life? – When you activate anger, blame and frustration, they also affect what you want to correct.

You don’t attract what you want – You can only attract more of WHO you ARE!

Instead of focusing on pain and trauma, we all could focus on better ideas, solutions and actions. You can consciously grow a healthier social fabric with others that effectively creates a shift within and around you toward true transformation.

Purpose Pods support women committed to creating social and spiritual success in their life by integrating and actioning the information in my Living Attributes books.

Join us in creating a new story of prosperity for yourself and our world. – Unite Your Light And Shine Brighter


Discussion on topics from the

Living Attributes Typology Book Series


Q & A

Morning Tea

Group Meditation




9.30 – 12.00

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