Perhaps you want to know what I do and if I can help? I invite you to think about this for a moment…

You know when your work or even your life doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, and you have a kind of emotional feeling in your stomach or heart that’s calling you to do something different.

That’s where I come in, I can help you to identify what that something different is and why it’s actually surfaced. – As an Archetype Activator I know how to bring your inner archetypes to life .

I support women who want to know and live their Higher Purpose. Clarifying and applying your “archetypal codes” will help you do the same.
Together, we can activate your light, and align you with your Soul’s Higher Purpose.


In a high tech world, we have education and inspiration at our fingertips.

However, it doesn’t afford us the valuable experience of being experienced, which is where authentic transformation takes place. – And that is why I am still a strong advocate for live workshops and seminars; heart to heart, spirit to spirit and human to human.

What women are saying…


Light Styling | Session 

What women are saying…

Adorning Your Living Goddess | Ceremony

What women are saying…

Higher Purpose Coaching | Package


Words of POWER

Keep moving into the unknown, and do it with a PURE heart, PURE mind and PURE body. Dear One, As we move through these intense times, my spiritual instincts prompted me to share a powerful and high vibrational prayer. This style of prayer or words of power is designed in a particular way for the…

Growing and telling a NEW STORY

We have now entered a new area and a new way of being, which is the next stage of growing a new humanity… I love how this video shows that we can create a new story, and that we inhabit a world that consists of many worlds – Worlds within Worlds As many of you know in…


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