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Dressing On Purpose

I take a very different approach when it comes to creating a woman’s image or brand, with over 30 years of experience in this area I have worked with hundreds of women and my discovery has come down to one beautiful defining factor that the power of attraction is learning how to “Shine Your Light”.

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Women have known about this powerful process for thousands of years, it was called Glamour Magic an ancient purifying, sanctifying and beautifying ritual that was practiced on yourself or with other women. Glamour magic was used to activate and magnify desired Light Attributes or a combination of Light Attributes.

And that’s why I love, love, love this practice and have had the privilege of working with women at this level many times over. In the case of Glamour Magic, you are simply making yourself more “attractive” because of what you are activating and creating from within, which eventually materializes on the outer.

It’s not simply a set of affirmations; but rather an active compilation of reflection and application that results in Authentic Glamour. Moreover, it is a co-creation of heartfelt purifying, sanctifying and beautifying rituals, which requires each individual present, to be a willing and sacred witness. If you wish to be “attractive”, which simply means the ability to attract, it requires some inner and outer work on yourself. Say to yourself – “I am attractive” then be willing to attract that which your creative spirit has glamorized.

You cant attract what you want… you can only attract more of who you are!

Identifying who you are on all levels is the key –  The truth is you are already unconsciously taking part in the practice of glamour rituals in your daily life; washing, having your hair done, wearing makeup, adorning yourself with jewelry, etc. And its all done to enhance your “attractiveness” but without any real depth of knowledge where these practices come from.

Authentic “Glamour” practices, in their true essence, can improve your life, because on one level they are sacred self-care, making you feel better and hence more comfortable in your encounters with others.

My role is to help you shift your current focus of Glamour being a superficial, relentless and empty ritual and simply move your focus to seeing it as a purifying, sanctifying and beautifying ritual that was originally designed to refine your nature and character, for the purpose of genuine “attraction” in your life, on all levels; people, prosperity and pleasure. That sounds like more fun and a much better deal than the current concept of Glamour.

NOW for a more modern view and application of Glamour Magic…

A picture paints a thousand words… Actions speak louder than words and so does the way you show up in life. This is what happens to your audience, clients or customers when you show up out of sync with the true essence of your brand… they have what is called; “A Visual Disconnect.” – What this does is breaks down your connection; they’re not sure whether to trust you. It’s a subtle and innocent observation most of the time.

On these subtle levels, people are afraid to take a risk and trust up front, so they are constantly assessing and checking to see what’s out of alignment, humans are much more instinctively wired than it may appear. And that’s simply because we all have something called unconscious bias. You can’t really change that in others up front, but you can at least change your image on the outside to fit who you really are on the inside, which in some ways may help shift any unconscious bias.

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A truly great makeover is an inside job; it’s a heart to heart and head to toe transformation! So Goddesses, protect your spirit and your brand from people’s subtle projections by simply “Building Your Brands Integrity” it’s what makes you unique and why people will want to follow your brand.

Here are the 4 essentials to creating Makeover Magic

CONFIDENCE  First impressions do matter, so be relaxed, clear and confident about your message and your intentions.

PASSION  You need a natural enthusiasm to express who you are from the inside out.

INTEGRITY  Being on point equals being on-brand and it’s not enough to just look good, people need to feel good when they’re with you.

ATTRACTIVE  Simply means the ability to attract; So, is the way you wear your brand “attractive”– be mindful of your visual communication it may or may not resonate with your target audience.

Elizabeth Ellames – introduces you to the universal patterns of human nature, through her unique typology of archetypes; they include the healer, the alchemist, the hero…. and more. Understanding your archetype helps you to promote your personal brand and Elizabeth shows you how to find your archetype and provides clarity on why Dressing On Purpose is an expression of your personal power.


The cost of the workshops varies depending on the duration and the venue.

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