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Dear Goddess,
The more inner work you do around your spirituality, the more your Living Goddess will reveal herself to you… Living Your Goddess is not about just simply picking one you like, but rather about doing the appropriate inner work for your spiritual growth and simply allowing her to be born from within you, so you may live a larger story…

Adorning and cultivating your Goddess Archetypes expands your knowledge, invigorates your sexuality, deepens your relationships and ignites your life purpose.
Every woman is influenced by powerful archetypes that shape her behaviour and effect her emotions. But what actually informs these innate patterns of energy?I know first hand that its the powerful “Goddess” forces imbedded in Ancient Mythology that invite your personal archetypes to come to life.
And yes, you can make these powerful forces of nature come alive in you… by identifying and activating your archetypical patterning. Each of these Goddess Forces leads to unique personality traits, which together create the full spectrum of you as a WOMAN.
In ancient cultures, they were known as Mythological Goddesses.

Who are some of these goddesses?
DIANA – Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon, Animals and Young Women.
MINERVA – Goddess of Wisdom Science, Education and Crafts;
VESTA – Goddess of the Home, Hearth and Family;
JUNO – Goddess of Marriage and Eternal Youthfulness.
VENUS – Goddess of Love, Prosperity, Desire, Fertility and Beauty
CERES – Goddess of the Agriculture, Growth and Women;
AURORA – Goddess Of The Dawn – means ‘Gold’, shared idea of brightness.
IRIS – Goddess Of The Rainbow, Bridge between Heaven And Earth
LIBERTAS – Goddess Of Liberty And Personal Freedom
LUNA – Goddess Of The Moon, Power Of Cycles
SPES – Goddess Of Hope, Thankfulness And Plenty
VERITAS – Goddess Of Virtue And Truth

Most women will express at least one of these goddesses as her natural archetype. But it has been my experience that most women, especially those who have a strong desire to express their unique creativity and want to make a difference in the world, are profoundly connected to a combination of Goddesses, one for each level of their being: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Celestial. The more passionate a woman is about her life, the more goddess forces are active within her.
Knowing there’s a Goddess embryo sleeping within you provides clarity into why and how you show up in life. Not identifying and honoring this powerful inner resource can stifle your growth and create blocks to developing what awaits you in the depths of your purpose driven psyche.

True self-actualization requires you to examine and embrace every aspect of yourself, your light and shadow side and honoring your archetypal wishes helps ground and balance you, which will elevate your joy, vibrancy and general well being.
Knowledge of these Goddesses and how they may be functioning within you also provides important insight into your own psychology as well as others, in turn, this enables you to bring more clarity, energy, compassion and wisdom into your relationships.
Ultimately, identifying the archetypal goddesses within you… will support you to know yourself intimately, trust yourself with out question and to confidently live your larger story.

Why You Are So Important – I have created this empowerment circles for YOU… because I really value WOMEN and the integrity they bring to things they care about. Women are awesome and I love working with them and empowering them to keep moving forward in their life.

Living Your Goddess Circles gives you an opportunity to reconnect to your spirit and renew your passion in life.
Every woman is a Goddess waiting to be born onto this earth…
As you embark on this glorious journey into the realm of the Goddess, know that its process is more natural than any worldly practice you will encounter. Know that the real power of the Goddess is in you, in me and is a much needed force on our planet today.
Awaken her Love, her Light, and her Luster in you and feel the true power you were designed and destined to be.
To Be Woman
To Be Effective
To Be Powerful
Is To Live The Natural Force Of The GODDESS

Living Your Goddess Circles – are the perfect and most affective way to connect with the natural forces of your particular Goddesses.

Step ONE

Finding Your Archetypes – Identify and Clarify Session – 90 mins



Step TWO

Living Your Goddess Circles – One Full day

$150.00 per person

Version 2

Hi there,

I am Elizabeth Ellames, So glad you are reading about the power of the Goddess…

It has been my privilege and honour to have worked with hundreds of amazing women over the years. I still love to attentively guide and creatively adorn women into their true power as a Goddess. My role is to be your mentor and sacred witness on your journey of inner and outer transformation, toward fully embodying your true Goddess archetypes.

Part of this powerful process is working with The Living Attributes Typology, which is a personal development tool that helps you maintain your creative potential, so you can live your larger story. Applying this knowledge is your personal key and signature into the powerful world of archetypes.

Mythic Archetypes, like Goddesses, are the architects of story and story is the powerful vehicle we collectively call the human experience…

The personal and cultural stories that we collectively call the human experience are extremely powerful… And we can’t really understand the complexity of our human experience without story. Storytelling is in fact the origins of humankind’s Social and Spiritual Development.

So, if you have read my message to this point I know you must be looking to truly connect to the Goddess that you are.

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