You already have the power within — you just need to free it. 

This powerful synergy comes alive in the form of archetypal forces, which are connected to your story and your purpose.

Is it time to add your GIFT to the planetary SHIFT?

LIVING ATTRIBUTES | workshops are for women who have read my book, and now their Soul is calling them to the next level of their social and spiritual happiness. 

LIVING ATTRIBUTES | workshops are also for women who know they have something real to offer, which comes from a deep longing in their hearts. 

Be part of a community of women who own their true power!

When you commit fully to this master class and set aside the time to give it your complete attention and intention… I will be there believing in the value of your gifts, your light, and your leadership, and stand with you as you step forward and become the woman, and Light Leader our world needs!

If you haven’t read my book yet, that’s ok because I run four Master Classes a year ~ so you still have time to buy my book and read it before we come together! 

And hey, don’t you deserve some quality time out with other gorgeous goddesses… 

Come and learn how to shape your purpose from your personal experience and identity, by understanding your inner archetypes. 

LIVING ATTRIBUTES | Workshops 2022 

FEBRUARY | Sunday 20th ~ Discover and Ground your Unique Energy in The Physical Realm of the Living Attributes Typology.

$160.00 ~ per person for each master class 


MAY | Sunday 29th ~ 


The Emotional Realm of the Living Attributes Typology.

$160.00 ~ per person for each workshop


AUGUST | Sunday 21st ~ Step Up to Your Creative Self in The Spiritual Realm of the Living Attributes Typology

$160.00 ~ per person for each master class 


NOVEMBER | Sunday 20th ~ Celebrate and Claim Your Destiny in The Higher Purpose Realm of the Living Attributes Typology

$160.00 ~ per person for each master class 



10.00am to 4.00pm

Each of the scheduled workshops focuses on a particular realm in the Living Attributes Typology and specific content from a chapter in the book. ~ Giving you a broader understanding of your inner archetypes in each specific realm.

And coming together with other women who have identified their archetypes, provides a wonderful opportunity to learn what, why, and how other combinations of archetypes play out in real life. 

Join Elizabeth Ellames author of MY STORY MY SOUL | Activating Your Archetypal Codes and creator of the Living Attributes Typology – where you learn to shine a light on your value and unleash your ever-evolving purpose in this lifetime.

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