Live Your Purpose Today | Coaching

Eliminate distractions by learning a process that helps you stay focused and get real results – Live Your Purpose Today | Coaching will help you to serve the world in ways that no one else can. Your gifts and abilities are afforded to you through your unique nature and come in the form of your Archetypical Patterning.

Your purpose in life is designed to suit who you are.

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Are you ready to start this new decade with some real focus and purpose?

  • In this Introduction Session you’ll come away having –
    Identified your archetypes and motivations, clarified your intentions and specified your next steps toward your Purpose.

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Knowing your archetypes connects you to your higher purpose – they’ve been deep with in you patiently waiting to be activated. – Your purpose is a powerful element of your nature wanting to shine forth and add value to your life and the lives of others.

And its your Archetypes that are driving your Destiny!

This is your time to step forward, gain clarity and honour your Higher Purpose.

Introduction Session | Cost – $180.00

Live Your Purpose Today | Coaching Package

Normally the full value of 6 coaching sessions = $1,080.00

I am so excited to offer you this service at a reduced price when you book a 6 month package –

  • Live Your Purpose Today | Coaching Package offers a series of 6 monthly coaching sessions
  • Total Cost Of Your Package = $960.00
  • That is a genuine saving of $120.00
  • Eftpos and Credit Card facilities available
  • Duration of each session – 90 min

Elizabeth Ellames creator of the Living Attributes Typology

I created the Live Your Purpose Today Coaching and the Living Attributes Typology to help women identify their purpose and get real results – this life changing coaching process takes you on a deep exploration of your ‘archetype patterning’, where you access your creative potential and learn how your personal story informs your life purpose.

  • In your regular sessions I professionally and respectfully coach you through my Live Your Purpose Today | Coaching process and help you discover how your particular archetypes govern your inner and outer world and bring to life powerful energies that shape your destiny. 
  • At each session we discuss where you are on your journey and put an simple action plan in place to help you maintain your focus and momentum. 


Living Attributes is a multi-layered, extremely comprehensive system that provides me with the necessary tools for ongoing transformation. With Elizabeth’s expert coaching I have been able to explore my personal story and define my ‘brand’, it is an incredibly empowering process. Elizabeth Ellames is a masterful Change Agent and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is looking for personal/spiritual development and insights into what may be holding you back from realising your full potential. Souzi D.Wilson –Singer/Songwriter/Performer

Thanks for demonstrating how to live on purpose Elizabeth, you walk your talk! I love using the Living Attributes system because it helps me daily to understand and connect with my purpose wherever I am. Cherie RowettHeart Choice Enterprises & NOW Leadership Inc.

Elizabeth’s business has been the key to my personal transformation. The Living Attributes system offers the most amazing tools for understanding yourself. I have so much gratitude for Elizabeth and her work. Sally Jamieson – Sally Jamieson Present and Connected


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