Light Styling | Session

My extensive career in the world of personal and spiritual development has afforded me a wealth of knowledge in the field of archetypes, light activation, finding purpose in life and story-based branding for personal and career development for women.

I have created a body of work called the Living Attributes Typology that helps you identify your personal archetypes.  

I also provide Light Styling sessions that activate and illuminate your personal and spiritual potential.

As a Light Styler I support you through your transformation process, help you gain more clarity – and more importantly how to genuinely value your divine presence and message in this lifetime.

Light Styling Sessions

Each session involves a three-step process

Step 1.  Consultation on arrival – 30 min

Step 2.  On the treatment table – 45 min

Step 3.  Followed by a summary of the session – 15 min

Your spirit is gently and constantly knocking on your heart to advance your Soul so you can navigate your way through life. And without the appropriate clarity and healing, you may struggle from time to time. – These sessions are designed to assist yoThe Light Streams I choose to work with are referred to as ANGEL RAY

My message in life is: Master your talents, create your art, always give generously and never give up on your loved ones or yourself. And my role is to support you in developing your story and your purpose in life.

Cost: $190.00  Duration: 90 min


Tel: 040 330 9696