Your Story Informs Your Purpose

Elizabeth Ellames

I was born with a strong impulse to share…

I share simply because I love sharing, not because I think I have some profound wisdom, but rather because I am a human being that story wants to move through. I have a lot to say because there is a lot to say and because there’s a wealth of story in the cosmos keen to birth itself in our lifetime.

What I have to say, is really more about the “what, why and how” of making oneself ready, willing and available for the appropriate stories to find the appropriate people.

And it is our shining spirit that story is rightly attracted to – but unfortunately, it’s the constant distractions and our addiction to busyness that blocks our connection to our spirit, which then creates a lack of adhesion to the powerful stories that want to find their way to our hearts.

We need to be fully present in the NOW so our story can find us!

Every generation has had powerful stories to advance its evolution, but if a story doesn’t connect to the spirit of humanity the story has no soul, and a story with no soul dies, which is a vulnerable place for humans.

Stories are constantly knocking on our hearts to advance humanity so we can navigate our way through life. And without these appropriate, soulful stories our cultures can struggle to grow, simply because they lose the ability to recognize the importance of ‘overcoming obstacles’ and having the discipline to ‘protect their hope’, which ultimately fuels their vision and passion for a brighter future.

I designed the Living Attributes Typology as a tool to help women become a powerful vessel that enables them to live a larger story, a story that they feel, is worthy of sharing and celebrating… a story that will genuinely inspire future generations.

My message is: Master your talents, create your art, always give generously and never give up on your loved ones or yourself.

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