Whether you’re…

In a personal or career transition and seeking Clarity

Looking for some guidance to understand yourself and others better

Or want to build your confidence and live your authentic style of leadership

You’re in the right place!

My Archetype Alignment Sessions help you – 

  • Pinpoint where you are at present and where you want to be
  • Specify what to do to move forward and stay on your life purpose
  • Define why you need to heal your emotional pain from the past
  • Clarify how your particular Archetypes can support your progress 

Archetype Alignment Sessions are a TWO-BOOKING process for women who have read my books. 

Living Attributes Alchemy helps you identify your purpose and achieve authentic results. This life-changing process takes you on a deep exploration of your archetype patterning, where you access your creative potential and learn how your personal story informs your life purpose.

These sessions align with the archetypes in my books My Story My Soul – Volume One and Light Leadership – Volume Two, which will support your self-empowerment and continued personal and spiritual growth. 


One In-person Session and One On-line Session – 

Total Cost $180.00

Duration of your In-Person Session – 90mins 

Duration of Followup Online Session – 30mins (within a month after your in-person 90min session)

  • Archetype Alignment sessions help you embrace the archetypes that govern your inner and outer world, bringing powerful energies that shape your destiny. 
  • Archetype Alignment sessions are a place to discuss where you are on your journey and put simple guidelines in place to help you maintain your focus and momentum. 
  • Archetype Alignment sessions are your SOUL Brand Makeover maintenance routine. 

These sessions are like an appointment with your favourite beauty therapist or hair stylist. – You know that person you book in to see when you want expert advice and personalized service. 

However, this appointment is for expert advice and personalized service connected to your SOUL Brand.


I will get back to as soon as possible with some options – Thank you