Adorning Your Living Goddess

What is an Adorning Ceremony?

An “Adorning Ceremony” is a purifying, sanctifying, and beautifying ritual that is practiced by women. It is often performed at important moments in your life. – You could be having a significant birthday and want to celebrate, or perhaps you’ve reached a new level of inner awareness and want to honour and recognize your transition.

What ever the reason, this auspicious ceremony, also known as Glamour Magic will magnifies your Souls attributes, highlighting inner qualities like Strength, Courage, Integrity, Faith, Compassion, Beauty, Forgiveness, Loving, Intuition, Kindness, Gratitude, and Divinity, which then activate the powerful forces within you as a Living Goddess.

Why would I want to experience an Adorning Ceremony?

The reason why an Adorning Ceremony is of real benefit to you, and differs from other modalities, is because it takes you deep into the realms of who you are at a Soul level, and connects you to an awareness of what “attractive” really means.

Which is totally NOT about projecting what you want, and ALL about accessing the unseen powers you have as a women and allowing yourself to be these powers in the form of a Living Goddess. Which is why I love this sacred work and have had the privilege of working with women at this level for over 25 years.

So, if you wish to be “attractive”, which simply means the ability to attract – You need to embody this very clear distinction…

You cant attract what you want… you can only attract more of who you are That is where the real magic lives!

How does an Adorning Ceremony work?

This special process begins with a cordial conversation, moving on to a deep reflection in the moment, and a ceremonial application that results in creating a profound connection with yourself as a Living Goddess.

It’s a simple three step process –

  1. One-on-One consultation. – 10mins
  2. The Adorning Ceremony is created with flowers and made into a headdress, plus some complimenting make up. – 40min
  3. Followed with a series of questions that I ask while you are focused on your reflection in the mirror. – As I write down you responses during the process. 30min
  4. On completion I will also take a few photos of you in your Beautiful Adornment. 10min

Moreover, this quietly magnificent process is a co-creation of heartfelt ceremony, which requires you to be a fully present participant, and sacred witness of your own inner and outer transformation.

Your Adorning Ceremony

Cost $160 for 90min ($20.00 less if you bring flowers from your garden)

Flowers and Makeup all included

Some Living Goddesses who I’ve had the absolute pleasure of creating an Adorning Ceremony for –

If you would like to book an Adorning Ceremony – Please send me an email for your booking.