Change brings more Change

I’m in a state of change and not sure why or how it happened. 

So many times I thought my life was my blank canvas and I was the artist who painted my own life. But now this seems to be an untruth of huge magnitude, a realisation that reveals a river of pain, an unwanted dilemma that hinders and slows me down. 

My life is my life, yes, but it’s master is my Soul not my personality, and every now and then my Soul shuts me up and sits me down and gives me something to really wonder and contemplate. Not just ponder, but rather I enter a deep and somewhat foreboding inquiry into the files of my Soul that have never been opened. 

And because they have never been opened they come as an inconvenient surprise, like a visitor from my past who wants to stay for a while, but Im not sure if they should because they seem more like a stranger than an old friend. 

And then I decide to open them and I am reminded that the unwanted file, visitor, the stranger is ME. 

It is a new version of me that has been waiting and wanting a new chapter in my life.

But like all new chapters they have new experiences and new characters. I must get aquatinted with this new character as it reveals the true nature and purpose in this new episode in the story. I have to be patient and interested in what my new version of self has to offer. 

I have come to the conclusion I am forever growing into who I am meant to be. – And it has nothing to do with my ambitions.

My Soul reveals to me I am like a favourite recipe that can be tweaked to perfection. A recipe that grows with me and hones the essence of my offering. 

And I am reminded I only have one path of my spiritual mastery, but it’s landscape is changeable and transforming. However, one thing never changes, one must do the inner spiritual work to survive.

Listening to the silence I hear my Soul whisper to me…

Be a new version of
Be a new version of 
Be a new version of
Be a new version of

And I discover Emergence can be a powerful and exciting experience. 

And so it is

Elizabeth Ellames

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