To the HEALER Goddesses

The Healer

The story of the Resurrected Healer archetype is one of protection, healing, and the construction of origins. Through sensitive alignment to emotions, imagination, and feelings the Healer sends healing energy to the world. The Healer symbolises the nurturer who provides for the needs of others and who holds spiritual and biological families together. People who have the Healer archetype have the special ability of foresight – easily formed by feelings and emotional outlines. They just know when people are in pain or suffering even when miles apart. Of the three Physical archetypes in Living Attributes Alchemy the healer is the activator and the master of resurrection. 

They might seem old-fashioned, but they are deeply connected to those who they love and are enlightened to all life. This archetype is about anchoring the spirit in the healing flow of love; life. The Healer opens the heart to the dimensional feelings of the human experience. The Healer teaches that at the centre of our being is a temple of sacred silence where you can commune with the Divine Living Presence. In finding this you will discover kind-heartedness for all living beings. However, when your Healer energy is misdirected you become oblivious to the needs of others, and become pretentious, and full of worry and fear. Lost in emotional over-protectiveness, the shadow of Healer emerges making you irritable and irrational. The depleted and lonely Healer is uncertain and can lack sensitivity. 

Learn to overcome the shadow of the Healer through expressing some of your light attributes of integrity, sincerity and commitment. Healers are great protectors, but when they become insecure and worried about things they get over-protective. This over-protectiveness quickly fuels emotional manipulation and guilt trips aimed at the very people they love. The Spiritual principle of Healer is inspirational, and the recognition that people are being the best people they can be within the limits of their upbringing, education, and current awareness. This can included those you perceive as enemies. You can show your understanding with people if you respond to damaging behaviour with a deep level of integrity and your devotional healing nature. 

The Bee

Your Animal Wisdom – The beloved and trusted Bee will show you that you can accomplish the seemingly impossible by working hard and being devoted to a larger vision. The Bee will ask you to pursue your dreams with incredible focus and to fertilize your aspirations. Bee teaches you to cooperate with others who have similar goals so you can learn how to help each other. 

Angel Ray – Raphael

Raphael is the Yellow hue born of the Sun. Who lovingly give you his radiant charm. Be truthful to others and to yourself and this Angels light of inspiration will reward you. Commitment is not always given with glee, but with out it you will find nee. For a life with out devotion to a higher passage will leave you dull and nowhere to go. His Sun; your Sun is in your heart and is there to heal you. 

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  1. Thank you 🙏 so much. I truly needed to read this today beautiful soul. I have been doubting myself and my purpose of late. This has given me peace and clarity thank you 🙏 so much love to you and blessings xx

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