To the Hero Goddesses



The story of the Altruistic Hero archetype is one of courageous action and selfless conviction. The word “courage” comes from the Latin root cor, which means heart, or core. It is a natural impulse within that calls for us to overcome challenges through our courage, passion and conviction. 

Purpose welcomes action and free will, and is our greatest gift if used correctly. The Hero energy is at the core of your altruistic journey and your courage manifests when you fear the path ahead, but you take the first step anyway; vigorously you seize the moment and venture into new frontiers of consciousness and living. The Hero calls you to act in line with your highest ideals.

The Hero symbolises the quest to express individuality, to assert willpower, and to create vitality for initiating new cycles of experience. It symbolises adventure and a state of the beginner that is characterised by a natural and passionate power. One of the three Physical Archetypes in the Living Attributes Typology, the Hero is a contemplator and master of performing altruism. 

The bold Hero archetype inspires you to take initiative in the field of life experience, and that is shining forth into your story. Often the charge of adrenaline in your blood quickens your experience of the Hero. When your Hero energy is sent off course it can be very damaging in an explosive, egotistical way.

In shadow, the Hero becomes a crude commander of power, ignorant to the needs and concerns of others. It wants to crush all threats to its rule, acting without foresight, and using and destroying those in its path. It is important to overcome these shadow attributes through Correcting and Transforming to your Light Attributes. The sacred principle of the Hero is conviction. Activity in life is easier talked about than completed, courage is the element to living this sacred principle, and having your head connected to your heart is fundamental.

If the Hero serves the energy of the soul faithfully, the kingdom of heaven within will definitely thrive. 

Animal Wisdom – HORSE

A beloved and trusted companion is the Horse who represent freedom and power. Horse people are wild spirits that cannot be broken. So, when Horse wisdom comes to you, look for safe passage into the new. You must synchronize your motives with that of others so you’ll be able to quickly and steadily reach your goals.

Angel Ray Uriel

Uriel, your resplendent Orange glow of innovation presents as a beam of vital enthusiasm. Be hold, for he brings to you a life that is exciting and bold. A divine spark in your mind is he, a complete and supreme delivery of passion that lights your way. Once true passion arrives and your life finds true purpose. – Uriel shows you a mirror and you are transformed.

(This content on the Hero Archetype is an expert from my first book My Story My Soul)

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