Live In The Light | January

Dear Shining Ones

I AM MICHAEL – Hold strong and be expansive with your venture. Bring the treasure of life to all who know the power of the Divine Living Presence. In your play of love and light, the pure unfolding of the Divine Living Presence will be with all. There is no battle to be won, for when one knows the nature of the Divine they are free, free from pain, free from hatred and free to create.

Be free my lamb and create

Q: Is the point of Light in your Heart, your one true love, and only reflector? Do you know, the name of its maker, do you bring it with you where ever you go – Is it your beloved envoy and are you taking care of its nature? 

And So It Is 

Wishing you many blessings in 2023

(This is one in a series of 12 messages I received from Archangel Michael over a one year period – of which I was asked to keep sharing with people until he asks me to stop doing so.)

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