To the Queen Goddesses…


Happy New Year 2023

Hello and Blessings Abound in 2023, Shining Ones

Here we are graciously rolling into another Sun Cycle in the Living Attributes Typology and it’s our Benevolent Queen Archetype who brings in the New Year!!   

The Queen Archetype

The story of The Benevolent Queen archetype is of the trusting ruler projecting happiness and benevolence. She demonstrates her responsibility by allowing energy to flow toward the centre of her throne of consciousness.

The Queen archetype shows us that we are all fractals of the divine essence and that spiritual energy follows creative thought. Reality follows belief and the intention of your vision will always expand. The Queen symbolises the human urge to shine like the Sun, and like the Sun the Queen’s role is to hold the forces of consciousness in place, like the hub of a wheel. The Queen thrives on being recognized for her creative humour and strength. One of the three Physical archetypes in the Living Attributes Typology the Queen is the devotee and master of benevolence.

This energy is what makes you attractive and inspires you to get giddy about being alive, to laugh and throw your hands up in amazement at the miracle of life. When your Queen archetype is misdirected you succumb to destructive and temperamental behaviour. Lost in her self-worship, the shadow Queen takes control, hiding extravagance under a mask of pride. This is the side of the Queen that whimpers or gets angry because she is not in charge of the situation.

The spiritual principle of Queen is originality through the knowledge that creative thought directs energy and that your beliefs about life shape your life. What you can imagine can happen if you’re able to structure your vision. Before anything manifests on earth it has to be created with thought in the upper realms. The principles of action cause manifestation, but without creativity, nothing happens. The Queen energy helps you to practice creative visualisation by initially releasing your fears and doubts about the process. The Queen archetype is all about visualising every detail of what you want to design and claim as your reality.

Writing down ideas instantly brings them from the world of thought into the realm of form. You can transform thought (energy) into substance (matter) just by putting a pencil to paper. If transforming matter to energy creates atomic bursts, then the reverse process should unleash the same power within the plane of the soul. Brainstorming on paper is creativity in action, and you are the keeper of its majesty. – Let yourself be reborn through her creative actions.

Animal Wisdom 

One of your beloved and trusted companion is The Lioness, who teaches you to assert yourself, and take control of your life so you can become a leader. Her swiftness shows you how to understand the natural flow of your environment and when to move into your position of leadership.         


Angel Ray Camael 

Camael your angel brave and strong, her light is wild and warm. Bring her into your imagination and she will light your way with deed and play. The strength of her Red ray is a rich and dancing spectacle and her message for you is this – I AM here to help you uphold your intentions. I AM your lead and your humour and I place upon your head your crown and at your feet your glory.

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound for the NEW YEAR, Living Goddesses 

(This content on the Queen Archetype is an expert from my first book My Story My Soul)

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