What if the ART of ALCHEMY is LOVE?

Is the vibration of LOVE simply the coherence of creation?

We often confuse the word Love with only being in a romantic relationship. What if the true meaning and vibration of Love is the energy that surrounds our planet and is the power that ignites creation? We all know it’s our heart-to-heart connection that creates unity. But what if LOVE is a higher co-creative force, while pro-creation is perhaps only unconscious reproduction?

And back to the notion of being in a loving and romantic relationship, we could view everything we connect with as being in a loving relationship. The nature of our relationships can vary depending on how much we value them. Even the level of LOVE we express for our vocation and our purpose in life powers our creativity.

We are indeed what we share and what we love…

We all have access to this powerful energy source, yet we can be fearful of it.

The frequency of love crosses every area of human existence. We either love or un-love our family, our friends, our work, our home, our business, our hobbies, our heroes, our lifestyle, our creations, our country, our environment, and our planet.

We do seem to express what we love and un-love frequently. But what if LOVE sustains our planet, the universe and us?

Perhaps the concept of GOD is simply LOVE, and that’s why we’re hardwired to create heartfelt connections with each other; perhaps it’s in our ability to create high-quality coherence, which creates more LOVE, more LIGHT, more GOD.

What if we are either in LOVE, which equals LIFE and LIGHT, or we are in FEAR, which equals DEATH and DARKNESS?

This reminds me of how we often fear being in LOVE or losing LOVE. My distinction is it’s not Love we are fearful of, but rather it is our fear of LIFE and LIGHT. For some, it is easier to exist without love, light, life or The Divine, whatever we want to call it, than fully connecting and committing to a frequency that just might be sustaining the entire universe.

I have a mantra ~ ‘I Love The Divine Living Presence First’. – And here is how I feel whenever I say it to myself.

  • First, I feel instantly connected to a source that loves me.
  • Then I feel able to like myself, and other’s a whole lot more.
  • Next, I feel confident that only good things flow from this feeling.
  • Followed by an intuitive knowing that this feeling creates more LOVE.

Perhaps the result of creating gold in the process of alchemy is simply the perfection of Love, inner and outer, the divination of matter and humans.

This idea is certainly not strange to any artisan or creative person. When we undertake the process of creating something, we establish a new connection, a new love, as it were, and from that, we desire to create perfection. And for it to be expressed, we must Love it and become one with that which we Love.

This “becoming one with” is what alchemy is all about. It is the symbolic formula of transformation. There needs to be a surrender of the Self and a surrendering to the Love of what you wish to be a part of. There is always a level of sacrifice, purification and separation from the ego-self that must occur, which is the central message… ‘The ART of ALCHEMY is LOVE.’

The ART of ALCHEMY is LOVE, demonstrating the science of the Soul that results from understanding the nature of the Divine, the nature of Nature, and the nature of Human Beings.

This is what the Magic Ones, the Holy Men, the Saints, and the Shamans have been saying and doing for thousands of years.

Perhaps they have been putting together formulas that generate the POWER of LOVE but calling it something else, like religion and unique magic.

The Truth is we can all contact, connect to and create this incredible power; LOVE.

As I said before, humans are hardwired to generate this miraculous force; Love. Perhaps the ancients were right when they said, “We must love and acknowledge our source first, above all else.” Sounds logical to me; acknowledging the source from which I was created makes perfect sense.

So, if I were created by force powered by LOVE…, of course, I would love that source. First, it’s what keeps me alive, for goodness sake… and literally for the sake of Good.

Heart to Heart

Elizabeth Ellames


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