Why Does Story Work So Well?

We live in a world that has lost its connection to its traditional myths and is now trying to find new ones—we are humans and that’s what humans do when we lose our myths and stories.

These stories shape our future, how we live, what we do, and what we value. They touch all of us, but not all of us get to write them. However, those who do, have awesome power.

And where there is power, there is a struggle for it. That’s why, just below the surface, just beyond what the uninitiated can see, there are courageous conflicts occurring.

The leaders, demonstrators and champions are the change activists, tech heads, vision weavers and community builders, which I call the new TribeTalker© brands.

They seem to be fighting over ideas and dollars, but what they are really striving for is a connection to our stories and values. The best of them, those who know this and can persuade us are relating to us through their values and story and are blowing the others out of the water. Today trust, truth and transparency are king, queen and country.

These new TribeTalkers© are the master storytellers and this is your invitation to be part of that tribe. Understanding your story can make you a more effective brand leader.

But that’s not the only reason I want to enrol you. I am encouraging you to be part of my story because our world urgently needs solutions in so many areas—economic, social, and environmental and that’s only a few.

The ability to Dream it, Create it, Feel it, Live it© and spread these solutions lives or dies on the ability to tell great stories that inspire people to think differently.

Connecting to your configuration of archetypes is the perfect place to find out what story you are here to tell.

Its time to know yourself; discover your purpose… and Live A Larger Story

If you would like to Live A Larger Story… contact me today and we can take the next step toward discovering your True Purpose In Life.

Elizabeth Ellames – The Change Agent

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