Know Yourself…

Know yourself, discover your purpose is my motto in life… because that’s when we’re more likely to trust ourselves and in turn know we can trust others.

Simply put… knowing what our true purpose is in life, helps us to keep focused.

Here are three steps to ponder around finding your purpose.

STEP 1 – What is your GIFT?

This is often something that feels very natural to you. It doesn’t have to be work-related. It could be related to a particular activity.

STEP 2 – What do you love to do most in your LIFE?

What activities give you the most pleasure; again it doesn’t have to be work-related. What do you do out of the sheer enjoyment of giving? It is usually something that you spontaneously do and doesn’t take any extreme effort.

STEP 3 – What would you like to ‘correct and transform’ in the WORLD?

What is it that occurs in our world that you feel offended or angered by or perhaps makes you feel sad? Is your disappointment connected to the environment, children, and animals or perhaps it is more community or even relationship based?

Threading these three answers together is a great way to begin the process of discovering what your true purpose could actually be.

If this is something you would like to explore more contact me and we can take the next step toward discovering your true purpose in life.

Elizabeth Ellames

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