What are these gatherings, and why are they important?

These gatherings are a safe space for women to create, witness, and give voice to big or small Choice Points they are going through.

Choice Point Circles are for women who value the empowerment experience of gathering.

Come and connect with other women and shape your destiny – by understanding the importance of choice points in your life and the true power of your inner and outer archetypes. 

Sometimes, we feel like blaming others connected to a problem in our life or the world. – However, maybe it’s time to shift our mindset from what’s not working and turn our focus on how to correct and transform these problems.

What if you can create a way to shine a new Light on your personal life and the world? 

Did you know that how you think and feel directly affects your life? – When you activate anger, blame and frustration, they also affect what you want to correct. 

You don’t attract what you want – You can only attract more of WHO you ARE!

Instead of focusing on pain and trauma, we all could focus on better ideas, solutions and actions. You can consciously grow with others which effectively creates a Choice Point within and around you toward true transformation.

Each gathering is an active Choice Point opportunity that will support you in staying close to your inner authority and wisdom by aligning and activating with your specific archetypes in my Living Attributes books.

“It’s easy to break a twig, but near impossible to break a bundle; Unity Strengthens – Aesop’s Fable.

Come and Unite Your Light and Shine Brighter

Please register your details here if you want to join a Choice Point Circle.

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