What controls you, owns you!

What does creating “Your Condition” in life mean?

Well, let’s start with what creates your condition. 

  1. Your mindset creates your condition 
  2. Your availability creates your condition 
  3. Your readiness creates your condition 
  4. Your willingness creates your condition 
  5. Your P U R P O S E creates your condition 

People can support you and coach you. They can even show you exactly what you need to do. 

However, they can’t create the appropriate environment “within you “ that creates your condition, which will lead to confidence, self-esteem and fulfilment. ~ Only you can change that! 

Creating your own condition takes courage and conviction, which is an inside job – and again, only you have access to that sacred and creative place. 

And we all know for something to grow successfully we must provide the right conditions for it to do so. 

The same goes for yourself – you can seek and gather lots of information and blessings, but ultimately you are left with the maintenance of your inner condition, which is connected to your life force.

How long do you want to blame your current condition on the past? Perhaps it’s time to use your past to elevate your condition to one of liberation. 

You have a power within you that is governed by the will to live. You are designed to evolve, it’s your natural state.

The constant stream of distractions from your outer world can feel like they are influencing “your condition” this is the time to go within and tend to your spiritual garden. 

Your inner world is the one thing you have control over and when you don’t – you’re actually giving your power away to forces outside yourself.

I know for me, the best way to look after my inner condition is to do my meditation practice and regularly remind myself of my true purpose.

“What is my Gift, what do I love to do, and what am I here to correct and transform in our world.” – Basically, where can I add value!

How’s your Inner Condition at present and where do you know you can add value?

Heart to Heat and Blessings Abound, Shining Ones

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