Unite your Light and Grow our Humanity

Dear Shining Ones

At present, many of you may be experiencing a Higher Heart expansion ~ It is important, at this critical point to also recognise its tremendous power.

The sensation may feel new and can be mistaken as a bit of a hindrance, it’s inviting you to find your centre and remain still with it, and really listen. You will soon recognise this gentle knocking at the door of your heart is from your Divine Presence. It’s simply visiting you, letting you know how much you are loved and how much light you have to share.

As you focus on this point of light in your heart, you learn that your true and divine nature is to receive light and to give light. It was placed there by the Divine and is the Nature of the Divine.

It’s the natural impulse of the Higher Heart that brings you to the act of connecting with others Heart to Heart.

Now, is indeed the time to allow this impulse of the higher heart to UNITE us all.

It’s time to actively partake in this evolutionary power, which can connect us all and willingly aid in the transformation of humanity.

If you want to make the shift to create a higher and more loving consciousness with our Mother, Planet Earth ~ Heart to Heart and Spirit to Spirit connection is the necessary link, I call it Uniting Your Light.

Making this conscious Heart to Heart and Spirit to Spirit connection, will bring to life the Divine Nature of Unity.

Adapting to this new and deeper way of being human, we will experience how the universal forces of intention and attraction guides us all toward, what it is we want to offer and can offer our world. ~ This is how we create Heaven on Earth.

Heart to Heart ~ Elizabeth

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