Your Story Is Your Purpose

We are secretly trying to find ourselves in a story!

A few years back I had the absolute pleasure of attending a full day storytelling seminar with Michael Hauge of Story Mastery. I so love the power of good storytelling – I studied film for three years back in the 90’s, which has influenced all of my material as an Author, Presenter and Archetype Activator.

In this video Michael indirectly indicates how we are all indeed the main character of our own wonderful story. And that is why we love books and the movies so much…

Have you ever wondered why people struggle to stay on purpose in their life, even when their intention is to succeed?

Michaels shares in the video how the maturation of the lead character is what appeals to us the most. This aligns with my series of books that are based on my Living Attributes Typology, each book provides tools to help women overcome emotional wounds, which have formed your shadow self or what is also called your flawed character. And when you apply this information to your life, you begin to access your archetypal potential so you can live your larger story. Applying this knowledge is your personal key and signature into the world of archetypal forces.

Archetypes are the architects of story and story is the powerful vehicle we collectively call the human experience… The personal and cultural stories that we collectively call the human experience are extremely powerful… And we can’t really understand the complexity of our human experience without story.

I invite you to share your thoughts and feelings on the power of story?

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