You are the LIGHT

Prayer for Higher Heart Unity

There is a Higher Heart expansion that occurs within us and it’s at this critical point that we recognize its tremendous importance.

As we focus our point of light in the heart, we learn that our true and divine nature is to give. It was placed there by the Creator and is actually the Nature of the Creator.

It is this impulse of the Higher Heart that brings us to the act of connecting with each other Heart to Heart.

Now is the time to allow that impulse of the heart to unite us all. It is time to actively partake in the evolutionary power that connects us and willingly aid in the ascension of humanity.

This Heart to Heart connection is the necessary shift we need to take – to create a higher and more effective consciousness on Planet Earth.

From this conscious Heart to Heart connection, we will bring to life the Divine Nature of Unity and the power of the Creator. The universal law of attraction is the force that guides you toward, what it is you want to give.

This is how we create Heaven on Earth.

And So It Is 

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