To the Alchemist Goddesses…


To you, My Beloved Alchemist Goddess – I give you the task of collecting all the world’s despair and return it to me. Your tears are ultimately mine and you may become overwhelmed from absorbing people’s misinterpretation of My Wishes, but you are to remain hopeful that they will try again, by being focused and more respectful. As the Alchemist you will be able to turn base metal into Gold. You will have the gift of change.

And your goal will be to reveal the Divine in all your earthly creations. – I ask that you use your Light and use it well.

Your Animal Wisdom – Your beloved and trusted companion will be the Eagle who will show you that people with high ideals need to be able to spread their wings so they can reach for the stars. Eagle will bring to you the gift of expanded vision. As long as you follow your dreams you will be heading in the right direction.

Your Angel Ray Shekinah – I also give you Shekinah the Golden light of reveal and with it will come a glow of happiness. She will be there for you dear one. She will help you find the way to your heart’s desire. With this pure gold hope as your guiding star, you will find respect. In you, there will be a focused and competent day, which ignites true justice and a new and expansive light, a divine light from your heaven within. A light so bold, it will shine forever more. My Dear Alchemist Goddess your Persistent Obstacle will be to overcome the habit of feeling or creating the Ordinary, balanced by your True Quest and Light Law of Extraordinary, which you will fondly live and promote. Along with the Lacing Laws of Respect, Hope, Competent, Focus, Expansion, Justice and Divinity.

And for your good work, I will afford you the Spatial Code of Persistent – The Numeric Codes associated with the number TWELVE will build a Light Grid and connection points around you, creating the appropriate SPACE for self-esteem, imagination and a desire for harmony – a vessel for building peaceful and happy communities.

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