There has never been a more fitting time to turn your soul’s calling into your income producing vocation. 

Your deep intuition knows that its time for outmoded ways of being to die and for true healing to emerge, which can birth a new humanity, and grow a more honest prosperity for all. You also know you’re being called to step up as a Change Agent, a Connector, a Healer, a Humanitarian or perhaps a Mentor. – However, the greatest challenge for most awakened souls isn’t about knowing that it’s your time to contribute and truly shine – But rather, its about being super clear, and confident about what your purpose is, and how you’re going to share it with the people who need your services or want to connect to your important message. This is NOT the time to be embarrassed for wanting to make a – LIVING – from your Soul’s Calling because – LIVING – your life authentically is your true purpose.

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One thought

  1. What a magnificent and essential program you have developed here Elizabeth. It will really be helpful to new style leaders of this time, as it sure does feel to me like we all need to come alive with doing what we can for a better world.


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