Light Body Activation #2

As we move from the Easter holiday period and back into our continued phase of what I call – “The Grand Pause” – I’d like to share some more insights around the process and significance of Light Body Activation. Firstly, my observation and experience during this period of The Grand Pause has been one of enormous inner and outer activation, motivation and transformation. For those still doing the Spiritual work every day, the thresholds we must move through have been very intense. Now that’s not happening because we are weak, but rather the opposite – its because we are strong.

To be called to bring in the light and hold the light at such times requires tremendous strength, courage, integrity and faith. Thankfully though, our resilience is growing from such feats of spiritual awakening, a neccessary test that is teaching us how to expand into the light, so we can grow our light and transform our inner state and our world around us.

The aspects of ones flawed character, also know as the ego has literally been jumping in wanting to take control. And of course so does everyone one else’s, which is what makes life even more complicated. And it feels more intense because our drive to be on purpose feels like it has been hijacked, interrupted and corrupted.

We have to be even more disciplined with our “correct and transform” process than ever before , and surrender our life to the Light of our Creator. Think of it like this – we are now in the middle of a very powerful spiritual storm that is asking us to stay fully awake, alert and available to aid in the evolution of our humanity. This is likened the powerful initiation of an Avatar, so it makes perfect sense that one would have to activate their inner archetypes, tame their flawed character, and build a bridge that lights the way toward becoming an Avatar. This is no easy task – because becoming a worthy, light filled Avatar requires real commitment, courage, and clarity to activate your light body and live your life as an Avatar.

In 2006 I received a message that was directly connected to the Living Attributes Typology, which is when I started to develop the system – And I think it is also a great insight to what Light Body Activation is all about in our life time.

It began with…

“You are aiding in an evolutionary process, and it will be people’s personal energy systems combined that will be needed to assist in the larger planetary progression – it is the quality of resonance that humans hold in their own Energy Systems that will be of most value and importance. You are Avatars or will become Avatars; someone who symbolises, expresses or becomes the manifestation of positive values, ideas or concepts; a Light Bearer ”

I share this with you in hope that it inspires you to go deep, find peace, bring joy and give love – for these are extraordinary times that we’re living through and such times require extraordinary human beings. I encourage you to be mindful of your responses, your words and your actions, and stay present to the true purpose of your light filled Avatar, who is patiently wanting to come forth to bless our beautiful world.

Heart to Heart, Elizabeth

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