Light Body Activation #1

Hello Beautiful Ones,

I thought it fitting to talk about the activation of the Light Body today – one because its Easter and two because of the changing and challenging times we are still moving through, and will continue to move through. It’s a perfect time for many of us to go deep into our spiritual nature and activate our awareness of the Divine Light, and how we can co-create our Light Body with our available Angelic Rays of Light.

The Universe, all Galaxies, our Solar System, our Planet and our bodies are all part of the Cosmic Lattice. This lattice connects all things with their Divinity. There was a point in time, when many humans for some unknown reason separated from this Source; This impaired the Cosmic Lattice around us and prevented us from fully reconnecting to our Divine Nature. It is said that the Holy men and women of many Ancient Spiritual traditions from around the world, have been working with higher light or energy for eons to reconnect human beings to their true nature and Divine Source. – Spanning thousands of years and many cultures there has been a belief in a process called “The Ascension” of the human body into a transcendent higher form, a ‘New Human’.

These ancient spiritual traditions shared that in order to enter the heavenly realms, we must be dressed appropriately – lightly that is, in a sacred robe of radiant splendor, and attaining this robe; our light body is our life’s purpose.

  • Taoists call it The Diamond Body, and those who have attained it are called The Immortals and The Cloudwalkers
  • Yogic schools and Tantrics call it The Divine Body.
  • In Kriya yoga it is called The Body of Bliss.
  • In Vedanta it is called The Superconductive Body.
  • In Christianity, it is called the Resurrection Body.
  • In the alchemical tradition, the Emerald Tablet calls it The Golden Body.
  • The ancient Egyptians called it The Luminous Body or Being (akh) or the karast.
  • This conception evolved into Gnosticism, where it is called The Radiant Body
  • In the Hermetic Corpus, it is called The Immortal Body

Again, all these spiritual traditions say that Human Beings possess a magnificent, hidden, ethereal Light Body that is referenced as a new skin that is connected, but not the same as our physical skin.

The activation of The Light Body is the primary reason I created the Living Attributes typology and Light Styling system – this activation came through my faith in the natural forces of Divine Healing, Divine Intelligence, Divine Creativity and Divine Purpose. These Angelic forces were by my side night and day and are still with me today. This system was designed to help you remember your Divine connection to Your Living Goddess and is a tool for the purpose of building your Light Body. The different colours in the system are referred to as Light Centres and Angel Rays, which are the connecting points of your Light Body, your Temple of Light; Your Living Goddess.

The Living Attributes Typology is a tool that is more than a healing modality or personal development process; it’s essentially an initiation into Divine Light Awareness. This awareness opens blocked pathways to allow the free flow of energies; Light, which may have been trapped due to the denial of ones true spiritual nature.

As you open to your free flow of Light you release cellular memories that you have been holding in a distress frequency, these cellular memories may flashback so you can view them from a different prospective. From there you can see that your judgment of these memories was coming from a distorted reality. By looking at these experiences in a new light you can let them go easily. When this happens a healing occurs at the causal level, which is partly how you activate your Light Body.

Things you might experience with this practice are deep relaxation, a sense of total peace within the body, a balancing of the male and female sides of the body, more focus, highly motivated, deep concentration and prophetic dreams. Light Body Activation connects you to the grid of Light that is infinite in Nature. It’s the perfect blue print, which is different from the disengaged, discolored and distorted grid that is present in the lower levels of consciousness. Through the process of activating your Living Goddess (your Temple of Light) your human body is realigned, reconnected and recalibrate.   

The Unified Field Of Creation

You may experience seeing things you never saw before, feeling more attuned with your surroundings, an increase in your senses or feeling better physically. Some people have reported an improvement in their health and sleep patterns. 

Light Styling is an activation technique that works at a much higher level than just the body.

Every living organism has its own “Light” system. These light streams also control the renewing functions of our body. These streams connect with the cosmic lattice or grid that is everywhere in the Universe. When you extend the points of the body, and connect them to the cosmic lattice, you then align the body to the connecting lines of the living universe and your Living Goddess – Light Body Activation is also connected to the six, eight and twelve pointed star.. 

Each step of Living Attributes practice aligns your body’s energy vertically, horizontally, and then bringing it all together in your Sacred Temple. From there you are given the gift of golden light lifting you up into your Higher Chamber, where you connect with your Living Goddess. 

This Light from your Living Goddess travels through your body, which then reconnects you with the Divine Light of Mother Earth.

Within all biological systems there are pathways of inter-change ability, which regulates its unique vibratory stations. Our Higher Self/ Living Goddess controls our renewing functions through the connective and cosmic lines of creation, which are similar to acupuncture lines or meridian line. However, Creation Lines are not limited to a physical body or a biological creation, but are open-ended and connect our body with the lines of creation that emanate from the various star systems. 

I believe when we fully wake up and discover our connection between life, space and the cosmic grids, we will have a new super-science known as Cosmic Medicine. We now know that the human body is a micro-cosmos or small space-time field within a larger field. 

Without higher evolutionary programing or direct programing by your Living Goddess, the human biological system stays in a fluctuation pattern of magnetic fields, due to its system being in constant discord. 

But when you are directly connected and informed by your Living Goddess you are no longer kept in biochemical slavery within a three-dimensional consciousness, but rather you enter a reality that operates from the Upper Worlds of exchanging frequencies. 

In this case, the body becomes a lattice of magnetic domains, which moves between the primary blueprint of your Living Goddess and the light patterns of the human form. Your Light Centres and Cosmic Lines tie together with your unique archetypical patterning, which are the cosmic lines of creation. 

Ancient scriptures say our cosmic points were cut off from our higher star streams when the very early races of ‘higher’ man revolted against the design of the Most Sacred and Holy One.

This caused the 12 biophysical meridians to be somewhat reduced and weakened our direct connection from our Living Goddess. 

The Cosmic Lattice is alive with the Christ Light and is part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system. It is composed of energy streams that surround the body and flow into spin points, which are small spherical portals (our Light Centres) of electromagnetic energy. They are specific points that send energy through, into and around both body systems.

The practice of combining your Archetypes, Colour and Sound creatively interacts and draws light from your Living Goddess, which creates the energy used for the renewing functions of the human evolutionary body. 

This is why Love, Truth, Beauty, Hope, Art, Music and the Written Word are so vitally important for our human & spiritual development. 

I strongly believe that these qualities and activities create particular patterns of Light that are life-generating Angelic Forces, which are light activating, highly creative and unquestionably Divine.  – Every Living Organism Has Its Own Light System.

Thank You for reading my post and hope it was of value to at this extremely powerful time.

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound, Elizabeth

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