The Magical Power of Self-Esteem

create time to dream

Hi peeps,

I have been in the hair, beauty and fashion industry since 1974… over the years I became a leading figure receiving many awards, to owning my own successful hairdressing business and my own fashion label.

Why am I telling you this… you might ask?

Well, there’s been many conversations and many transformations, some profound, some delightful and some very challenging. However, what I did come to realize over these many years of design and consultation, was that the service I was offering women was more than just a hair-do and a pretty frock.

It was, in fact, one of the few feminine rituals left for Women to share.

The adorning and passing on of stories was a powerful way to weave and create their sacred magic – the magic of self-esteem.

Today I’m a personal brand consultant and facilitator in my businesses Living Attributes Typology REEL DEAL Productions and Co-Founder of NOW Leadership Inc, which again provides a powerful space for personal growth, and the magic that creates self-esteem. You see my constant passion and vision has always been to bring Women back to their instinctual nature, by them consciously exploring the depths of their personal wisdom, which may have been shelved or denied for one reason or another. I still really love activating a woman’s light and bringing forth her beauty, and I do that by celebrating and honoring the powerful creational force that she is.

Do you still get caught in the trap of what you think you are supposed to be, contained by a dialogue of personal restrictions and fatigued by your own emotional inhibitions, eventually losing touch with your powerful soaring Spirit?

  • EMPOWERMENT CIRCLES invites your true beauty and uniqueness to be liberated and celebrated within a very powerful medium – “Other Women.” 
  • EMPOWERMENT CIRCLES are exquisitely enlightening and extremely well-grounded. Giving women practical social and spiritual support.
  • EMPOWERMENT CIRCLES gives you the tools that will enrich your Purpose in life and Birth true fulfillment in you again.

My motto in life is – Know Yourself, Trust Yourself, Discover Your Purpose And Live A Larger Story

Many of us today are out of touch with these essential rituals and processes. But by coming together with other women, to grow and be nourished, you instinctively start to remember what you are made of and how to best serve your needs before spilling forth your light and love to the world.

“My Cup Runneth Over” remember… So, your cup must runneth over first, before you can to pour forth your full generosity of spirit.

EMPOWERMENT CIRCLES grow truth, beauty, and hope; they are your community imbued with the message and vision of True Prosperity For All.

EMPOWERMENT CIRCLES restores your spirit each month.


 Elizabeth Ellames

YOU CAN BOOK IN TODAY – The cost for each circle session $30.00


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