BEAUTY heals the SOUL


I experience true beauty when there is a combination of natural elements that are brought in to play.

It is either an encounter of nature’s raw but pure presence or it can be the splendor of something or someone in an authentic or natural state. A thing of Beauty can also be enhanced or created by the craftsmanship of an artist’s attentive hand, keen eye, open heart, and devoted soul.

I also know that true beauty is built through the way we interact in relationships. The sacred combination of love and trust also brings about another facet of beauty in my life and others. It is when I feel loved and safe in relationships that I am able to know and really touch the beauty that rests deep in my heart and the heart of another. This encounter builds a confidence in my personal presence and hence creates again something of beauty.

I see beauty as an astonishing but elusive phenomenon. I believe its magic and its mystery resides in the absolute balance and harmony of life its self. Beauty is life’s exquisite expressions delivered with perfect precision.

What makes me FEEL beautiful?

For me – it is True Love that invites the heart, but it is True Beauty that invites the Soul and my Soul needs to be nourished with beauty every day in order for me to grow into my own beauty as a WOMAN.

For me – a life without the ability to speak, see, feel or create things of beauty would indeed be missing in the quintessential spirit of life its self.

For me – the emergence and feeling of personal Beauty signify that there is some balance in my world. By creating balance in my relationships, in my health and in my creative expression, I feel I can bring about an order of personal sanctity.

I love the experience of beauty because it reminds me of heaven; it demonstrates that I can create a little of heaven here on earth and because of this simple but glorious notion I am given the gift of Hope.

Hope for a better world where true beauty is rightfully respected and I am free to shine, create and heal whatever is out of balance. A world that is full of so much beauty, so much balance that it takes us into a new wave of humanity and reality.

This is the world I choose to live in. This is the world of sublime beauty.

Elizabeth Ellames

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