Message For The Divine Child Goddesses


To you, My Beloved Divine Child Goddess

I give a difficult task. You will have the ability to feel the thoughts and feelings of other people, but I do not permit you to speak about what you learn. Many times you will be pained by what you see, and in your pain, you will turn away from My Love. You will see much of humankind’s shadow and sadly come to know them as cruel or evil and will struggle so much with these feelings that you may lose your way. But on the other side of your pain, you will also be joyful and generous. You will want to create and play all the day, and your life will often feel perfect in every way. But remember dear one, your life’s mission is to delight others.



Your Animal Wisdom Is The Dove 

Your beloved and trusted companion will be the Dove who represents the feminine power of the spirit, giving, foresight, and the prospect of a new beginning. The Dove will show and reveal to you the veils between the spiritual and physical worlds. The dove will also be the joyful keeper of your higher heart, the first gateway to the soul.

Your Pink Angel Ray Is Your Angelic Self 

I give you your Angelic Self. My angel child you are the gentle pink ray of loving light. This simple gift will remind you that you are a joy to the world. You are the shimmering light that provides signs that help is on the way. You will also grow into a woman composed of generosity and a creative delight, bestowed from the heavens above.

My Dear Divine Child your Persistent Obstacle

Will be to overcome the habit of feeling or projecting Unworthiness, balanced by your True Quest, which will be to live and promote a Blissful Heart. And for your good work, I will give you the light of being forever Loving, use it well.



Featured image – Artist Elisabetta Trevisan

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2 thoughts on “Message For The Divine Child Goddesses

    1. Thanks, Sally – I will never forget that amazing night when the Divine Child Archetype came out to address us all in her very powerful operatic voice – And we all thought she was just a cutesy-pie, quite the contrary X


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