We need a New Style Of Leadership in the world


As human beings, we often think that our life is strictly our own and that we can do with it whatever we please. I suggest that it’s time to contemplate the idea of living a life with more responsibility and reverence, because as co-occupants of our beautiful planet, we have come to realise our desires and actions do in fact have an enormous causal effect in our life, as well as the lives of other humans and species on our planet.

I’m passionate about respecting and celebrating our connection to the life force that has evolved our planet. Which also prompted me to create this self-empowerment tool; Living Attribute Typology.

I’ve always believed our planet needs women to rise up, band together and actively form solution groups, for the purpose of designing new social synergy systems that can grow a new humanity.

And thankfully I know many women who want to create innovative, effective systems that work for the betterment of the whole.

This diagram shows how in the past we have seen all these different aspects of life as separate. On the one hand we have the five main spiritual traditions of the world, and on the other hand, we have five of the main vocational practices of the world.861141_10200519963302898_224768301_o

We all recognize our hands as a symbol of how we create in the world, the symbolism of the hand, in general, include attributes such as:







As we start to view our lives with more responsibility to the whole, we bring our chosen vocations into balance with the significance of our spiritual nature. These images of our hands are a clear analogy of how working together contributes to the whole.

We all know how important the nimble, flexible functioning of our hands and fingers are to the overall well-being of our body. After all, they are indeed ‘connected’ to the rest of our body and also aid in the welfare of others. If you have ever injured your hands, or for that matter any part of the body actually, you soon realize how much you rely on that part to serve the whole. So if we can shift our reality to remembering that we are all connected, the quicker we will find peace on Earth.

Let’s bring our two hands together in the prayer position, a symbolic gesture of connection to our source. Our figures pointing upward like a temple to the heavens, reminding us of our connection to the whole of creation. While our thumbs are gently pointing to our hearts, which tell us of how emotionally connected we are to all life.

It is through the kindness of our hearts, mindful communication and responsible actions that we will bring about true peace and prosperity for all who inhabit planet Earth.


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